How to install SocialTFS client

SocialTFS is composed by 3 part: a client, a server and a proxy server.


SocialTFS Client

To install the SocialTFS Client plugin for VS, download the last version of SocialTFS from and unzip the package.
The Client is in the file SocialTFSClient.msi.
First of all you must run SocialTfsClient.msi to start the installation wizard. At first, the wizard presents a page of warnings, you can proceed to the next page.

The second page of the wizard asks you where to install the application. Choose the location you want and decide whether to install the application only for yourself or for all users of the system. Then you can proceed to the next page.

The last page of the wizard asks you to confirm the options you choose. If you do not want to change anything you can proceed with the installation.

When installation is complete you can close the wizard.
When you run Visual Studio you can see the new addin installed. Wait for the invitation of the administrator to know how to start using. If you close the addin you can reopen it from the view menu.

Note: if you have another version installed, including a debug release, uninstall it before installing the new version otherwise it will cause a conflict of names.

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