This guide assumes that you already managed to register to Codeplex and that SocialTFS project coordinators already accepted you as a team member.
It has been taken from an original blog post available here.

Connect to Codeplex Project via Team Explorer

The guide uses as project name a fictional name such as ODNCStudyGrooup. Please, replace it with SocialTFS in your case.
Team Explorer is included with Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Premium and Ultimate. Follow the following steps to connect to codeplex using Team Explorer:
  • Go to the project page on Codeplex. Make sure you are logged in
  • Click Source Control tab
  • Click Visual Studio Team Explorer and keep that page open
  • Open Visual Studio

  • Click the Team menu. If you can see it, click View –> Team Explorer and click the connect to Team Project button
  • On the Connect to Team Project dialog
    • Click Servers button
    • Click Add button on the Add/Remove Team Foundation Server dialog
    • Fill the information in the Add Team Foundation Server dialog from Codeplex page in step 4

  • Enter the Username as you see it in the codeplex page; usernames are prefixed with snd\ and suffixed with _cp.

  • Click Ok and close the Add/remove TFS dialog
  • Click the connect button on the Connect to Team Project dialog

  • Double click the Source Control node

  • I am mapping the root of the tree to the Codeplex folder on my C directory. You can map yours to what ever directory

  • Click the Map button
  • Get latest and you should be good to go


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