How to build a release package

Automatic build of a release package is not supported anymore. This guide refers to the VS client and the Windows server.

Preparation step

You need to increase the release number of all projects, otherwise, during installation, the various libraries will not be replaced. Edit the Properties|AssemblyInfo.cs file of every project, except ClientSetup, for which instead you can change the version editing the project properties in Solution Explorer.

Manual Release

  1. Change configuration from Debug to Release;
  2. Build the project ClientSetup in Release mode: select Build package (Compila in Italian) from the context menu in Solution Explorer;
  3. Copy the Setup.exe file from the Single image folder into the subfolder /AdminPanel/Downloads of the ProxyServer project and manually rename it to SocialTFSClient.exe;
  4. Build the project ProxyServer in release mode: select Build package (Pubblica in Italian) from the context menu in Solution Explorer).

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